The Many Problems Of A…{Bookworm}

Hey guys!

So, to make up for my non-posting, I thought I would start a new type of post!

Basically, I pick a subject, (in this case, books), and I list some annoyances and problems that come with it! All in good nature, of course. 😉


  1. Reading in bed

stitch-is-my-ohana:    He makes me cry, I love him.

It’s really hard to go about doing this. You want your whole body under the blanket, but then which hand holds the book? Or maybe you have to use both hands because the book is so massive? Ugh…

2. Waiting for the paperback


I’ve crumbled several times and bought the last book in a series in hardcover…my OCD suffers daily.

3. Finishing a series


Road to El Dorado | What I do after I end every series of books or Tv shows on the planet.

heartbreaking heartbroken gif

It’s like a piece of me is gone. I’ll never see or hear of the characters again. They’re off living their lives happily and I’ll never know and I JUST CAN’T.

4. Looking for new books, even though your TBR pile is already ginormous

the vicious cycle...:

It’s pretty incredible when I can stare at my shelves and shelves of books and still… There’s always room for more…

5. Character deaths


I can’t. What do I do!? THERE IS NO ANSWER.

6. Staying up into the night because you have to finish just one more chapter

Reading a good book late at night... (you need to click the image to view it on the original page for full effect)

Me: Just one more! I promise!

Me: Okay, well, maybe one more chapter?

Me: Well, I’m nearly finished with the whole thing, why not just finish it?

7. Book-to-movie adaptations. Done right


8. When something absolutely atrocious happens in your book and nobody else has read it


9. Reading character/place names wrong and then being called on it


And then I can’t change it to the right thing! IT CAN’T BE UNDONE.


omw, yes!:

My life.

11. Accidently reading a spoiler


What. just. happened. WHAT NO I WASN’T SUPPOSED TO KNOW THAT. O_o

19 things only travellers in the 90s would understand | Intrepid Travel Blog

12. Cliffhang…


How could I not have? BUT STILL.


Well, I hope you liked this post and tell me in the comments what your worst reading pet peeve is… 🙂





2 thoughts on “The Many Problems Of A…{Bookworm}

  1. That’s a really cool post idea!! I completely agree with each point. xD My biggest reading pet peeve is when (like you said) I go to buy a book to add to the book series I’m collecting, and the only book I can find is a different version, and then I struggle between wanting to buy it and waiting out to buy another to match my other books. xD

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