The Lost Secret: Part 2

Hey guys!

Here’s the next part! Tell me what you think of it so far. 🙂

       Brock pushed his goggles up farther on his head.

He reached for a small chisel, and then hesitated, dropping it.

He cupped his hands in his face, exasperated.

“I can’t make anything of it!” he shouted at his empty lab.

Clenching his fists, he marched over to his giant magnifying glass and turned the light on.  


Brock jumped at the voice and whirled around. Leland was there, curiously eyeing the gold.

Sighing, Brock stalked over to his friend.

“Don’t. Do. That.”

Leland smirked. “What can you make of it?”

Brock sighed, rubbing his forehead. “Nothing. Absolutely nothing.”

Leland stared at the gold. “Well, you sure cleaned it up. It’s glittering like mad!”

Brock smiled weakly at his friend.

“I though I might be able to decipher some of the writing if it were cleaner…” he sighed again, slumping down in his chair. “Evidently not.”

Leland cocked his head. “Well, if anything, at least you got a pretty decoration for your living room.”

Brock snorted. “At least.”

Leland backed out of the way as Brock set the gold aside on his desk.

He studied the inlaid sapphire, gleaming brighter than ever. Glowering at him.

“I could give it a museum. Maybe they’d make better sense of it than I could.”

Leland nodded. “Or…you could keep it.”

Brock rolled his eyes, turning to his friend.

“I know you want your pay Leland, but I’m talking friend to friend here, and I need more time. Please.”

Leland shrugged. “All the time you need, sir.”


       Brock stared at the gold block from his vantage point in the kitchen. He’d set it up in his sitting room as a petty ornament.

Brock shook his head. He took a sip of coffee. All that work and nothing to show for it. A sapphire plated in gold? How couldn’t it be worth something?

       It can’t be because I have no idea if it’s actually real sapphire and gold.

       He shook the thought away. The thought he hadn’t wanted to voice to his crew, to Leland. The readings he’d taken hadn’t shown any similarities with gold or sapphire. But his eyes wouldn’t believe him.

Sighing, Brock got up and grabbed his briefcase and hat before heading out to work.


       “Sternberg, I must speak to you.”

Brock looked up from his microscope. “Yes sir?”

Mr. Hildebrand walked up to Brock and laid a hand on his back.

“How’s the research going?”

Brock forced casualty. “Good. I recently found something that I think might be a big discovery.”

Hildebrand looked around warily. “If I were you, I would keep quiet about it.”

Brock gulped and nodded, turning back to his microscope. His hands shook.

“Is there anything else?” he asked.

Hildebrand shook his head, and then sneezed.

“Bless you,” Brock said.

Hildebrand eyed him uncertainly and then paced away. He could hear him sneezing again.

Brock tilted his head and went back to work, forcing himself to focus.


2 thoughts on “The Lost Secret: Part 2

  1. Its awesome Madeline! =) In the first part, for some reason, I thought they were kids XD I don’t know why kids would be searching through Aztec temples…..I can’t wait to read the next part!

    Liked by 1 person

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