The Lost Secret: Part 1

Hey guys!

Okay, so I’m really excited about this post because it’s something a little different than I’ve ever done. I’m starting a serial! This was a story I wrote back in December in post-Nano blues. 😛 And I’m really excited to share it with you! 😀

       “Brock!” Leland shouted. “Over here!”

Brock came running, nearly toppling over his own feet. “Did you find something?” he asked excitedly.

“Yeah, it looks good,” Leland said, gesturing madly with his hands.

Brock and his crew had been searching around the temples of the Aztecs for weeks now, and hadn’t found anything. This new find looked promising.

“Careful!” Brock said, panting beside his friend, “Just brush around what you can see. I don’t want anything broken.”

Leland carefully swept the top of the shiny rock a few more times.

“That’s gold,” Brock said confidently, “Get the rest of the crew here, we’ll need shovels.”

Leland nodded, speechless, and ran to get the others.

Brock made a clean swipe across the new-found gold block, leaving a gleaming mark. He didn’t try to hide his excitement.

This could be it, he thought, Our chance at the big bucks!

“Brock, I got the shovels,” Leland said huffing, the rest of his crew behind him.

Brock quickly grabbed a shovel and gingerly began to dig around the block. He could see a faint glimmer of something other than gold.

A precious gem? Brock dug faster, his crew barely keeping up.

Soon, the mysterious block was uncovered, its gleam blinding.

Brock dropped the shovel and knelt down, taking out a magnifying glass.

He examined the block. It had the ancient Aztec writing written over it in an almost messy fashion. There were what he could only assume to be pictograms mixed in with the writing, making it impossible to decipher.

But the thing that got his attention most was the glaring sapphire set in the center of the block.

Brock felt Leland leaning in close to him, his breath heavy. “What is it?”

Brock shook his head. “I…I don’t know. It looks like a chunk of a ruined temple. But it couldn’t be…”

Leland’s eyes widened. “Well…what should we do with it?”

Dazedly, Brock took his gaze away from the gold block and looked up at his friend.

“I need to have it examined. I’ll take it home.” Turning to his crew, Brock slipped his magnifying glass back into his pocket. “I will let you all know if I find anything important.”

The others seemed relieved, but Leland looked curious. “Do you think it’s worth something?”

Brock laughed. “Naturally. But how much is the true question.”

Leland looked up as if pondering. “A million dollars?”

Brock rolled his eyes, smiling. “Leland, don’t you have things to pack?”

Saluting him, Leland nodded. “Of course. I’ll help the others.” He turned away, marching back off to where they had set up camp.

Brock watched him lead the others back, and then turned back to the block.

It seemed to be glaring at him.

Well, I hope you liked it! I’ll be posting new parts every Tuesday, but since I just couldn’t wait, I had to post today! 😀

Here’s hoping you’re having a marvelous day! ❤


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