The Chronicles of Harris Burdick // A Review

This stories were all kind of crazy, some more than others… *cough*JustDeserts*cough*…
But some I found really entertaining and thought-provoking.

Archie Smith, Boy Wonder – 2.5
It was a cute, kind of strange little story…what exactly were those little voices talking…? Also, there was a whole lot of baseball lingo I didn’t know, so…

Under the Rug – 1
So, there were a couple stories that I just found out right creepy and this was one of them. It was just plain scary! What even?!

A Strange Day in July – 1
Man I hate those kids…I found myself thinking this a lot ~> ?!?!?

Missing in Venice – 2
I really had no idea what was going on…so, yeah…

Another Place, Another Time – 3
I really loved the writing style! The characters were good too, but the ending was a bit abrupt. But I guess that kind of adds to the mysterious all in all.

Uninvited Guests – 1
So, um…this was another creepy one…right…

The Harp – 5
YES! Loved this one! I loved how it all tied together at the end and for once there was a happy ending people, is that so hard?! Anyway… Really clever and fun.

Mr. Linden’s Library – 3.5
I found this interesting…but then the ending kind of just left me like…okay…so…huh? What now? I still liked it though.

The Seven Chairs – 3
Interesting…MK is a feisty little character, which is both a good thing, and a bad thing. Nevertheless, this was a fun read.

The Third-Floor – 5
This is no surprise that this was one of my favorite ones and it was written by Kate DiCamillo. This was SO SWEET! I absolutely loved the brother-sister relationship with Pearlie and Martin. So good!

Just Desert – .5?
I have no words. This was literally the most disturbing, creepy out of them all. Just…no words.

Captain Tory – 5
I really liked this one! Super intriguing and very well written. Also, just the right amount of mystery to suit me. šŸ˜‰

Oscar and Alphonse – 3.5
This was slightly odd, but super funny and sweet. I’m just thinking of what’s going to happen after someone finds out about something…yeesh.

The House on Maple Street – 3
The longest story in this book, it was perhaps the oddest out of them all. And not so much in a bad way as a thought-provoking way.

All in all, this was an interesting read that kept my attention, (in good ways and bad).
If you’re looking for a fun little set of short stories, I would recommend this book.
Harris Burdick would be proud.
Not that I know him personally or anything, but…Ā šŸ˜‰


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