Junowrimo is Over!

But I still ain’t done! 😐

Well…that’s not entirely true, I only have, like two chapters left to write.

So…YAY! 😀

This is the most I have ever written for any story or book, and even though I didn’t reach 50,000 words, (I only got like 30,000 so far!), I’m still really happy with that. 🙂

So, to celebrate, how about some snippets?

Oh, and these are all subject to change.

“Paisley, you know you can only buy one book with only eight bucks, right?”

Paisley grinned, “I know, but it’s still fun to imagine all the possibilities!”

“Don’t touch me!” Paige shouted pulling away. She held her wrist. It still hurt a little.

“Is that where he grabbed you?” Write asked, jerking away, “I’m sorry.”

Paige looked up from her wrist. “How’d you know?”

“It looks a little red,” Write blew out a breath.

“What’s happening in Havfrue? Are the rumors true?”

“Yes, Write was the cause; Paige didn’t drown, but she had nothing to do with it.”

“Hmm…so she got Embossed on the way to Havfrue, and it hasn’t worn off yet?”

“Not that it seems.”

“Right…Write could be a problem. But I suggest just waiting.”

Paige skimmed over Write and herself. They looked ridiculous. She, with a tattered cloak, a stolen book; and Write, blue blood staining his shirt a disgusting tint.

Celthic stomped to his father’s fortress like a willful little child.

A tree beside him burst into a fiery wreck.

Startled by his own fury, Celthic quickly drove the ashes away on the breeze.

Gently, he kneeled down and sat where the tree once was.

Still frustrated, Celthic brooded over Paige’s words.

Celthic expertly directed the portal to land right at the foot of Zedidiah’s fortress.

Paige hated the feeling of being in a portal too long. She felt grainy and raw, like she wasn’t quite whole.

Well, that’s all I’m going to give you for now… 🙂

I hope you enjoyed and I hope that you’re happy with your Junowrimo results, if you participated!


I love hearing from you! ^_^

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