Dragons of Darkness // A Review


This was probably the most confusing, crazy, and wild book I’ve ever read.
Right up there with A Wonderlandiful World by Shannon Hale
I found that the characters where kind of…odd.
Christopher was annoying at times.
I disliked Niya VERY much.
Jumar was my favorite character out of all of them.
Well…and maybe Arne…
This was a SUPER thick book, and I’m proud I pushed through,
but I had a lot of problems with it;
There was more swearing than there should’ve been.
I mean, the characters are fourteen year olds!
I found some parts to be gruesome and some of the descriptions were gross.
But… I thought the storyline was really interesting.
I loved the fact that Jumar was invisible. That was really cool and fun to read.
All in all, I think this is definitely for older kids, like 14+.
That said, I really enjoyed this, even though it was a little odd at times…


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