Books That Will be Written by Me…Hopefully

So, if you’ve read my about page…(have you?), you’ll know that I’m trying to write a novel.


It’s actually a lot more than just a novel…

So to put it simply…

It’s a trilogy. I also have two more trilogies to write. The characters from all three trilogies will know each other. Connections. They’ll live in the same world, same town. Comprendo? (Don’t worry, it took me a while to figure it out too.)

I’ll write the first books of each trilogy first, then the second ones, then third. (To make the timeline easier for me!)

The one I’m currently writing: Working title is Imprint –

This trilogy really reminds me a lot of Inkheart! There are two main characters, Paige and James. I don’t want to say much about my books, I want to keep it a surprise! Also, I don’t want people stealing my ideas…(you wouldn’t…would you?)

The second trilogy I’m trying to outline, (by the way, really hard!), has a working title of The D

This is a superhero story. I am so excited about this one, I’ve always wanted to write a full on superhero novel/series/trilogy. You really just don’t see those around… There are two main characters Lena and Jake.

The third trilogy’s title, (I have just barely started thinking about this one), is You Could Say A Curse

This is a hard for me to explain…(like I said, recent idea), it’s fantasy… mixed with contemporary fiction… so you could say realistic fantasy! There are two main characters (sensing a theme?), Greta and Timothy.

I’m trying to outline all of these, so the timelines meld together, and it’s very hard I can assure you! But it’s also so very fun, figuring out how everything fits, like a giant, intricate puzzle!

There are also a ton of other ideas in the back of my mind:

~ A sci-fi dystopian novel involving video games.

~ An old-fashioned fantasy set in the 1800’s with lots of snow!

~ An epic fantasy about a rag-tag bunch of friends, who go on a quest to save the princess’s father.

~ A Cinderella-ish story about a slave and a lonely genie.

~ A fantasy about a terrible war where two unsual characters could be the life or death of their country.

~ A modern-day retelling of Aladdin with a female genie as the MC.

These are the one’s I’m playing with and these following ideas are only possibilities:

Yes, I made up names for them, since I don’t know exactly what they’ll be about yet.

little wishes inc. – A realistic fiction about luck, wishing wells, and little things. 🙂

Literally – A fantasy where one girl has the ability to cause trouble with her speech.

Wanted in Time – An adventure, with time-travel, and lots of danger!!!

Code: Redna – An old-fashioned spy adventure set in the 1700’s, with modern touches.

Screened – A sci-fi involving a messed up system of screening and trapping people for experimentation.

So as you can see…

My brain is exploding with ideas, and I can’t hold them all, I want to write them all!!!

But being the procrastinator I am…

Well, I hope you enjoyed this. Who knows, maybe you’ll see one of these ideas on a bookstore shelf. (Hopefully it was written by me! 🙂

And one last thing, please don’t copy any of my ideas! You’ll see I’ve been very vague about plot ideas and such. I don’t want them to get stolen!

Thanks for reading! 🙂



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