Fandoms I’m In (And Some I’m Not)

Alright, let’s set things straight. I mean, everyone has there fandoms, right?

1. Disney

This was my first fandom, so I have to give it credit. What can I say? You’re never to old for a Disney movie… 😉

2. The Lunar Chronicles

Ok, so this is probably not very well known, but oh I wish it was! Hopefully some of you out there can sympathize.

3. Marvel

So I just recently got into these movies and I’m glad I did! Ok, A. Iron Man. B. Iron Man. And C. Thor and Loki… *sighs*

Yep, those are my three fandoms. Now for a slightly longer list…

Fandoms I’m Not In and/or Not Sure About;

…Just no…

Harry Potter – …I never got into the series and I sadly don’t think I will. :\

Divergent – I really wanted to read these at first…until I got news of the ending… now I’m just mad at Veronica…

The Hunger Games – I just don’t know about this… I’m kind of squeamish, so…

Game of Thrones – (See above ^^)

Now here’s a list that I’m curious about;

Percy Jackson – I’m really interested in this, but I don’t know much about it except it’s about a boy who discovers he’s the son of a god… ?

Lord of the Rings – …the size of these books…scares me. But I’m willing to give it a chance.

Sherlock – I honestly know nothing about this show. I didn’t read the Sherlock books, so… I’m aware that he’s a detective… yeah, that’s all I got. Sorry…

Dr. Who – So, wow explosion of this on Pinterest… It looks really interesting, but I’ve heard it’s hard to get past the first few episodes. ???

Thanks for reading! (If you read it that is…)

And P.S. I’m really sorry if I got anything wrong… I understand… it kills me if someone gets a very important fact from my fandom wrong… sorry again!


I love hearing from you! ^_^

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